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The Bunker Boys play out of The Sports Lounge every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Who We Are

The Bunker Boys Golf Society (BB) is one of the oldest golf societies in Pattaya and has existed for more than 25 years.

 The BB play every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from the Sports Lounge located on Soi Bukhao, opposite the Tree Town entertainment area.

 The BB exists to provide both regular members and visiting guests opportunities to play friendly competitive golf, in a relaxed, respectful and enjoyable environment.

 The BB play golf in accordance with the Rules of Golf, as established by the Royal and Ancient (R&A) and United States Golf Association (USGA); supplemented by local rules determined by the Pattaya Sports Club (PSC) and the BB.

 The BB is affiliated with PSC, who provide an approved umbrella World Handicap System (WHS), for the maintenance of handicaps, for the BB and other local golf societies.

Society Guideline

Bunker Boys Golf Society Charter Guidelines

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Persons should register at the latest by 09:15 hours on the day of play, with departure to the course at 09:30 hrs for normally an 11:00 hours tee time, +/- 15 mn.

Breakfast and Beverages are available at the Sports Lounge, prior to departure.

The number of tee times booked varies between the low season (Apriil > October) and high season months  (November > March).

The maximum number of tee times booked during high season will be 8 tee times (32 players). If more players desire to play in excess of the 32 cap, it will depend upon the availability of transport and the courses ability to accommodate additional players.


The Bunker Boys use the PSC WHS for the maintenance of current handicaps. All Players/Members are expected to be a member of the PSC and have a WHS handicap.

The society enters all PSC member score cards after completion of around into the PSC, WHS and handicaps are adjusted accordingly.


News and Events

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Club Storage/Rentals

The BB has available a small number of lockers to facilitate member storage of clubs and similarly rental clubs.

For current availability of lockers please Contact us

Availability of rental clubs are on a first come first served basis on the day of play, please also Contact us if you wish to play and rent clubs.

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The Bunker Boys play out of The Sports Lounge